Economic Benefits from Digesters

Building Value from Organic Waste

Every year, we discover more ways to utilize digester technology to benefit our clients. While generating revenue and saving money aren't the only reasons to invest in one of our digesters, we've helped create a whole new world of possibilities to reimagine the value of organic waste, and it's a far cry from the days when others were paid high fees to haul it away and let it rot.

Here's how our clients are reimagining their reusable resources to improve their bottom line:

  • Selling Renewable Electricity/Biogas To Utilities
  • Reducing Electric/Gas Bills
  • Selling Renewable Energy Credits (REC's) Like Stocks On A Tradable Market
  • Producing Renewable Natural Gas For Truck Fleets
  • Using Dried Solids Post-Digestion For Clean, Odor Free Animal Bedding
  • Selling Nutrient-Rich, Post-Digestion Solids As Peat Moss To Nurseries & Composters
  • Selling Nitrogen And Phosphorous Bio-fertilizers Or Using It For Crops
  • Reducing Manure Handling Costs
  • Reducing Tipping Fees
  • Increasing Crop Yields
Watch our video to see how a Regenis digester can benefit your economic bottom line.


"Since we turned on the switch, it's been operating every day and generates $25,000 per month just from the clean electricity we sell back to our local utility."

Jon Van Nieuwenhuyzen -
Werkhoven Dairy/Qualco Energy

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