Ongoing Digester Maintenance

Peak Performance Post-Construction

Every single digester Regenis has built is operational, not only because we have the most experienced team of builders in the Western U.S. or because we build the only American digester that's designed to be more efficient in output and lower in power use, but because of our expertise operating and maintaining the digesters we build.

Unlike some construction companies around the world that build digesters as part of their larger portfolio, building digesters is what we do at Regenis, and it's why many of our clients have opted to continue their partnership with us well after the ribbon cutting for the project is done.

We employ a seasoned team of skilled professional tradesman who are experts in keeping digesters running at peak performance as well as monitoring everything from power output to water quality on a regular basis. Our clients appreciate the extended service because it makes them more comfortable they will realize the economic and environmental dividends from their digester.


"Since we installed the digester, it has been retooled by Regenis several times to include reducing odor, taking in human food waste and creating marketable byproducts such as fertilizer."

Steve Vander Haak-
Vander Haak Dairy