Digester Environmental Benefits

Clean Energy, Cleaner Waster and Zero Waste

Zero waste is a philosophy encouraging a life cycle of reuse for every product, similar to the way resources are used in nature. We replicate that closed loop system for farms, industrial users and municipal waste systems because our digesters repurpose every component in the waste stream. In an age where resources are stretched more than ever, and citizens and consumers are demanding a lighter carbon footprint from the entire supply chain, the Two-Stage Mixed Plug Flow™ digester captures more of one of the most potent greenhouse gasses on the planet (methane) and turns it into clean energy. The odors from the organic waste have been eliminated through the digestion process and the solids that remain post-digestion have uses as animal bedding, peat moss and nutrient-rich, fossil-fuel free fertilizers that get returned to the soil for better crop yields. The liquid that remains post-digestion is no longer dangerous to our precious watersheds because our patented American digesters kill more pathogens and bacteria than any of the European models. That water can now be used safely as a PH balanced and nutrient rich water supply for crops, which are in turn used as feed for animals as the entire system begins another loop.

Here are some of the environmental benefits being reaped by our clients:

  • Capturing Methane Gas And Turning It Into Biogas (Clean Energy)
  • Putting More Clean Energy On The Electric Grid By Selling It To Utilities
  • Cleaning Water So It Can Be Reused On Farms And For Food Processing
  • Reducing Air Pollution And Organic Waste Odors
  • Destroying Pathogens And Bacteria That Could Be Harmful To Human Health
  • Reducing The Need For Fossil Fuel Based Fertilizers
  • Protecting Watersheds
  • Complying With Local, State And Federal Environmental Regulations
Watch our video to see how a Regenis digester can reduce your environmental footprint.


"During our review of digester builders and operators, we naturally went to Regenis because of their because of their industry leading experience and expertise. But we chose Regenis because of their trustworthiness, integrity, and commitment to stewardship. They're good people and we're proud to be partners with them."
Dan Evans-
Promus Energy

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