agricultural water management

Agricultural Water Management

New Frontiers For Managing and Conserving Farm Water

Farmers knew about reusing resources long before sustainability became a buzzword. Now, with cutting edge technology from Regenis, American farmers can close the loop and reuse all of their waste.

On-Farm Water Management

For the first time in history, livestock farms can generate clean water right on the farm! With the Regenis-built and operated fine solids separation system and clean water membrane system, 60 percent of the effluent can be regenerated into clean water, relieving farmers of the need to search for new sources.

Not only can the water from our agricultural water management system be used safely on fields and for on-farm industrial uses, but it's also approved for farm animals to drink and even meets EPA standards for safe release into nearby streams and rivers.

Nutrient Recovery

Regenis builds and operates two different kinds of nutrient recovery systems to separate fine solids in the animal waste stream from the liquid. Both the Regenis patented fine solids separator and dissolved air floatation systems remove 90% of the phosphorous and 35% of the nitrogen from the waste stream, leaving behind a solid-free "tea" water and dense nutrients that can be land applied or sold as bio-fertilizers. Benefits include:

  • 70% reduction in the solids weight
  • Lower trucking costs
  • More precise nutrient application
  • Bio-fertilizer revenue stream
  • Limit imports of petrochemical fertilizers

Reusable Clean Water

Our Even Flow membrane system uses a combination of nano-filtration and reverse osmosis to extend membrane life, resulting in lower operational costs as well as producing water clean enough for animals to drink or to use on the farm.

The water even passes environmental regulations for release in local watersheds. It's the pinnacle of water conservation in agriculture. Benefits include:

  • Reduces lagoon storage needs
  • Allows for increased herd size without a new source of water
  • Turnkey automated system
  • Fully remote
  • Removes 100% of phosphorous/nitrogen


"Growing our crops with chemically-free nutrients and putting clean water back into our local streams is just another step along the way to closing the loop as nature intended."

Galen Smith
Coldstream Farms

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