Agricultural & Industrial Water Management

New Frontiers For Managing and Conserving Farm Water

With an historic drought covering most of the western United States, water is no longer just a drop in the bucket. Prices as high as $2,000 per acre-foot in some places have made better agricultural and industrial water management essential for business survival.

Better farm water management and re-use from digesters could conserve hundreds of millions of gallons of water in the West’s agricultural industries.

Because Regenis-built digesters kill pathogens like e-coli, leaving behind cleaner, nutrient-rich water, farmers can apply that liquid to crops or for other industrial needs.

Through cleaner reuse, farms can conserve millions of gallons of water and alleviate the need to purchase water on the private market or let their cropland lie fallow.

Additionally, our next generation nutrient recovery system removes phosphorous and nitrogen from effluent, resulting in a PH balanced liquid which can be re-used on farms, industrial food processing or municipal waste systems while better protecting local watersheds from runoff or accidental spills.

In tandem with our research partners, Washington State University and DVO, Inc., we’re getting even closer to the day when parched communities can re-use this clean water in their taps and wastewater systems.


"Since we turned on the switch, it's been operating every day and generates $25,000 per month just from the clean electricity we sell back to our local utility."

Jon Van Nieuwenhuyzen -
Werkhoven Dairy/Qualco Energy

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