Manure Management Overview

Building the Future of Farming

Regenis has an entire suite of agricultural waste management solutions for your farm because we know every farm has unique needs that can't be solved with just one offering.

In addition to building and operating anaerobic digesters, our patented nutrient recovery and clean water systems give you the ability to turn your farm into a virtuous cycle of sustainability.

Capturing Methane
Regenis builds and operates two different anaerobic digesters to capture methane from decaying organic manure.
Generating Carbon Credits
Digester biogas is eligible to be bought and sold like stocks on a public market regardless of where it's generated.
Selling Fossil-Free Fertilizers
Concentrated and bacteria-free organic bio-fertilizers are marketable to local farms and nurseries.
Killing Bacteria
Regenis-built anaerobic digesters kill 99.9% of all bacteria present in animal waste.
Preventing Phosphorous Runoff
The fine solids separation system built by Regenis removes 90% of all phosphorous from the liquid animal waste stream.
Solving Water Limitations
Our clean water membrane system can regenerate 60% of the manure it processes as potable water for on-farm use.
Reducing Cow Bedding Costs
Anaerobic digesters kill 99.9% of all pathogens and bacteria, leaving behind clean, odor-free solids for bedding.
Preventing Nitrogen Runoff
Our clean water membrane system removes 99% of the nitrogen in the liquid waste stream, giving farmers a better way to avoid nutrient oversaturation.
Reducing Lagoon Storage
Separating solids and liquids in manure significantly reduces reduce lagoon storage volume.
Selling Biogas to Utilities
Biogas captured in Regenis-built anaerobic digesters is clean energy, which can be sold to your local utility as electricity for profit.
Applying Nutrients Precisely
Regenis can remove 99.9% of N & P and 98% of K in the effluent, delivering the right amount of nutrients to your soil is easier than ever.
Reducing Water Needs
Our clean water membrane system removes all of the N, P, and K, leaving behind potable water farm animals can drink.
Converting Biogas to RNG
Biogas injected into a natural gas pipeline can generate revenue through a carbon credit trading system or Low Carbon Fuel Standard.
Reducing Trucking Costs
Separating solids from the animal waste stream in our fine solids separator removes 70% of the weight, making it less costly to truck it to distant fields.
Closing The Loop
Everything is reusable with our manure management system. Solids can safely be reapplied to cropland to grow animal feed, while liquids are potable water for animals or industrial uses.