Regenis’ Projects Finalists For Biogas Industry Awards


Two of the eight finalists for Project of the Year were built by Regenis.


Ferndale, WA– Two Whatcom County dairy digester projects built by agricultural waste solutions company, Regenis, have been nominated as finalists for the American Biogas Council’s Project of the Year Awards, which will be handed out at a ceremony on October 16th in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The event, which takes place during Biocycle Refor18, showcases innovative approaches, technologies or partnerships which advance the biogas industry. Eight projects across the United States were nominated for the four awards to be given out that evening including Edaleen Cow Power and FPE Renewables, both located in Lynden, Washington.

Regenis installed the FPE digester at the Vander Haak Dairy in 2004. It was the first dairy digester in Washington State and has had a historic 13-year runtime until this past year when upgrades to its roof were completed. The mixed plug-flow digester captures methane from the dairy waste stream and converts it into clean biogas while destroying 99 percent of the pathogens and bacteria.

The Edaleen mixed plug-flow digester was installed in 2012 and also has a 100 percent runtime. Like FPE, pathogens and bacteria in the waste stream are destroyed in the digestion process while the biogas created from capturing methane in the waste stream is sold to the local utility.

Additionally, Regenis installed a fine solids separation system at the dairy in 2017, which removes over 90 percent of the suspended solids in the post-digestion waste stream and 90 percent of the phosphorous, which is key to protecting local salmon streams and watersheds.

Dr.Craig Frear, Regenis’ Director of Research and Technology, will be attending the event on behalf of the company.


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