Regenis Year In Review

2016: Year In Review

As 2016 comes to a close, we want to acknowledge all of our friends, colleagues and industry partners for joining us to reimagine reusable resources. Leaving behind a better planet for future generations is what inspires us to break new ground, and our research and technology will continue to advance how we view agricultural waste and put it to good use because as America’s foremost inventor, Benjamin Franklin, once said, “Waste not, want not.”

Biogas Industry Leadership

In September, Dr. Craig Frear, our Director of Research and Technology was re-elected to a two-year term on the American Biogas Council Board of Directors (ABC), which is the foremost trade association for the biogas industry. You may have missed this big election news because of some other election in 2016. Nonetheless, Dr. Frear ably represented the industry during meetings on Capitol Hill to share the benefits of reclaiming waste streams with members of Congress, and shared trends in project development at the Biocycle REFOR ’16 in Orlando. He was also involved in developing and finalizing an industry ‘digestate standard,’ which is needed to supply greater value for the liquid and solid products evolving from the digestion process.

Potatoes, Lentils, Hops & Flops 

While most people know Idaho for their potatoes, serious trivia fans would know Idaho is also the largest producer of lentils in the country, is home to the largest hop farms and the birthplace of the man who revolutionized the high jump—Dick Fosbury (The Fosbury Flop). Idaho also happens to be home to North America’s largest dairy digester, which was built and is operated by Regenis, one of four digesters we built in the state, and was also home to a fun-filled employee party this past September. A special congratulations to Brad Weg and his team for winning two Longevity Awards for Regenis from the American Biogas Council in October for over five years of continuous operation at the Dry Creek Dairy and DF-AP #1.

Separating Solids

Regenis teamed up with our friends at Edaleen Dairy to win a $300,000 grant from the Washington State Department of Commerce’s Clean Energy Fund to install a first-of-its-kind dissolved air floatation (DAF) device. When fully installed in early 2017, the DAF will give Edaleen the ability to more efficiently float solid waste to the top of its retention tank, allowing for better solid separation as well as phosphorous and nitrogen removal from the post-digestate, resulting in cleaner water for subsequent field application and the highest standards of protection from agricultural runoff impacting local watersheds. Congratulations to our Eric Powell and Dr. Craig Frear for making the convincing case to the state in the application process.

Monday Night Football

Our company culture prizes differing opinions and open debate…except when it comes to football where there is only one team to root for…the Seattle Seahawks. Don’t tell the boss, but we all left early one Monday in October to make the two-hour drive down I-5 to Century Link Field to support the Seahawks in a nationally televised Monday night game.  We tried out our own skills outside the stadium before the game and decided we should stick to building digesters. Meanwhile, the Hawks rewarded our attendance with another victory along the way to an expected third Super Bowl appearance in four years. You’ll get no argument from us.