Overview of Nutrient Recovery Options For Dairies

Craig Frear, Regenis’ Director of Research and Technology, has published a new paper titled, Approaches to Nutrient Recovery from Dairy Manure.” Co-authored with Jingwei Ma and Georgine Yorgey, it’s a comprehensive overview of primary and secondary options and economics of separating solids from cow manure in order to generate dry co-products like animal bedding and peat moss replacements while removing soil and plant nutrients like phosphorous and nitrogen from the waste stream before the liquid is reapplied to dairy fields, which prevents over saturation and runoff into watersheds.

Additionally, Frear’s work delves into the options and costs in the newer field of treating dairy manure to produce ‘clean water’ suitable for re-use as industrial process water and drinking water for animals.

Stages of nutrient recovery for dairies.

With all of the current options available to dairies, Frear and his colleagues conclude:

While not a magic bullet, NR technologies, used in combination with enhanced manure and fertilizer application management, have the potential to improve overall manure management — and to provide new options to dairies that are seeking to produce milk both sustainably and profitably.