Frear co-authors new paper on anaerobically digested dairy fiber

Regenis is proud to announce groundbreaking new work on uses for anaerobically digested dairy fiber from a consortium of industry-leading scientists, including our Director of Research and Technology, Dr. Craig Frear.

It’s long been known that post-digested dairy fiber could be used as clean source for cow bedding, as a peat moss substitute and as bio-fertilizers, but research from Dr.

Dr. Craig Frear, Regenis Director of Research and Technology

Frear and colleagues from Washington State University, Michigan State University and the Universidad de Cuenca, Cuenca, Ecuador,¬†reveals the possibilities of allowing large dairies to become their own de-facto bio-refineries, “harnessing the manure for heat, power, fuel, chemicals, fertilizers, fiber, wood composites, and chars/carbons, while mitigating climate, air, water and human health concerns associated with the manure.”

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