BioCycle REFOR17

The annual BioCycle REFOR conference was held in Portland last week, drawing anaerobic digestion, compost and sustainability partners to the Red Lion Conference Center in Portland OR. The annual event is co-sponsored by BioCycle Magazine and the American Biogas Council (ABC). Regenis was in full-force at the event, with Eric Powell, Director of Project Development, +Read more

KGMI Radio Interviews Craig Frear on Phosphorous Recovery System

Listen in as KGMI’s Dillon Honcoop interviews our Director of Research and Technology, Dr. Craig Frear, on the fine solids separation system we installed at Edaleen Dairy, Western Washington’s first phosphorous recovery unit, which will benefit both dairies and our watersheds. Listen here…  

Regenis Installs Fine Solids Separation System In Western Washington

Washington State’s watersheds scored a win this week as agricultural waste company, Regenis, installed the first phosphorous recovery system west of the Cascades at Edaleen Dairy in Lynden. This fine solids separation system, called a Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) unit, removes solids in manure wastewater through a system that injects the tank with air bubbles +Read more

Snohomish County Tribune Profiles Regenis-built Qualco Digester

MONROE — They were pioneers when the sky was falling. Back in 2008, when the housing and stock markets were crashing, the family farmers at Werkhoven Dairy in Monroe took a huge leap of faith—one that carried them to some nearby land and a project/process that would ultimately help the dairy, the state, the Native +Read more

Biogas Given Certainty As California Extends Cap-And-Trade Legislation

Last week, California Democrats and Republicans set aside political differences, decisively pushing forward a bill to help fight global climate change. As part of the bill, more revenue will be available to support methane capture through building anaerobic digesters. Such agricultural projects are key in the bill’s strategy to curb greenhouse gas emissions from the +Read more

Regenis 2017 Mid-Year Update

Regenis 2017 Mid-Year Update New Horizons In Nutrient Recovery One of the more exciting recent developments in on-farm manure and nutrient management is incorporation of fine solids separators (FSS) capable of separating fine solids and their associated nutrients from the wastewater. When paired with an anaerobic digester, these FSS units allow for 90% of the phosphorous +Read more


More good news unfolded for the biogas industry in Washington, D.C. last week as the House of Representatives’ answered the Senate’s Agriculture Environmental Stewardship Act with a new companion bill (H.R.2853) to help streamline passage. Just like the Senate bill (S.988), the House bill would extend much-needed Investment Tax Credits (ITC’s) to biogas businesses and technologies through 2021. +Read more

Dr. Craig Frear (in tan jacket) and biogas leaders in Washington, D.C. last week.

Craig At The Capitol

It’s been said many times that Washington, D.C. is full of hot air. Last week, though, a group of biogas industry leaders including our own Director of Research and Technology, Dr. Craig Frear, was in the nation’s capital to meet with lawmakers and to demonstrate how an endless supply of hot emissions (from cows, not +Read more