Clean Water System

Dairy Looks To Wring Clean Water From Manure

A northwest Washington dairy will test whether cow manure can be economically purified into water clean enough to put into a river to help salmon. Read the rest of the story in The Capital Times…

Clean Water From Cows

Drinking Green: Turning Manure Into Water

The Regenis Even Flow Clean Water System continues to pick up coverage from around the country wherever agriculture is an important part of the local economy. This story aired on the NBC affiliate covering Northeastern Tennessee and Western Virginia.  

Galen Smith of Coldstream Farm on the cover of Progressive Dairyman

Regenis Clean Water System Cover Story In Progressive Dairyman

Progressive Dairyman took a look inside the Regenis Even Flow Clean Water System and shared the story with its readers in their February 25th issue. The membrane system, which was installed on the dairy last fall, uses nano-filtration and reverse osmosis to extend membrane life to reduce operational costs as well as producing water clean +Read more

Regenis Even Flow Clean Water system

Seattle NBC Affiliate: From Cow Waste To Clean Water

Seattle’s NBC affiliate, KING-5 showed its viewers how Regenis is processing manure from Coldstream Farms, and returning clean water back to nature with the goal of helping the flow of local salmon streams.  

Clean Water From Cows? Regenis System Removes The Impurities

For Immediate Release: July 9, 2018 Ferndale, Washington–The answer to “How Now A Brown Cow?” can produce water clean enough for drinking is about to be answered on a 2,500-cow dairy in the Northwest corner of Washington State. Last week, the Washington State Conservation Commission (WSCC) awarded a $930,305 grant to install and operate a +Read more