BioCycle East Coast ’17

Regenis will be attending the 2017 BioCycle East Coast Conference in Baltimore MD, from April 4-7. The annual conference is an opportunity for the organics recycling community and the anaerobic digestion industry, in particular, to commune for discussion of emerging issues and opportunities related to all aspects of organic recycling, recovery and processing. Some key highlights involving Regenis and their representative, Craig Frear, Director of Research and Technology are as follows:

  • One-Day Workshop on Odor Management at AD Facilities—as a Board Member of the American Biogas Council (ABC), Dr. Frear has assisted in developing and will be a host for this important workshop on behalf of ABC. Similar to past experiences within the compost industry, the AD industry in now managing projects that are receiving larger fractions of recycled food scraps that at times, enter the facility gates already decomposing. Such practices necessitate an industry-wide focus on best management practices to ensure proper handling and control of this material and their potential odors. National experts have been retained as speakers on such topics as: odor control technologies, management strategies to minimize odors, the science of odors and odor control, case studies at farm and centralized AD facilities, and ways in which to develop proactive odor management outreach programs.
  • Business of Biogas Session—Dr. Frear will be the moderator for an expert panel discussing the broader topic of ‘The Business of Biogas’. Speakers include Robin Szmidt of Target Renewables, Tom Drake of Louis Perry Group, and Alan Johnson of Quasar Energy Group. Topics will range from unique opportunities and lessons from the UK, to the varying business perspectives and approaches across farm, food scrap, and water resource recovery (WRRFs) AD facilities, to odor mitigation at municipal and food scrap digesters in the US.
  • Additional Biogas Sessions—the main two days of sessions include multiple biogas focused tracks. These include: Farm-scale co-digestion, best management practices with the AD industry, biogas and digestate markets, nutrient management, co-digestion at WRRFs, and opportunities in distributed biogas. Speakers for these break-out sessions are across industry, the regulatory, and scientific communities—each bringing years of experience and real-world application to these important topics.