2016 Mid-Year Report


Bipartisan Biogas Supporters

Last month, Republicans and Democrats banded together to support the future of family farmers and the environment, introducing H.R. 5489, the Agriculture Environmental Stewardship Act, as a way to make it easier for livestock farmers to promote a closed-loop farming cycle by providing a 30 percent investment tax credit (ITC) for qualifying biogas and nutrient recovery systems.

A special thanks goes out to our home state Washington House members Susan DelBene (D) and Dan Newhouse (R) for being one of the 14 members to co-sponsor the bill.

Rep. Susan DelBene

Rep. Dan Newhouse

Around The West In Digester News

Field Day With Wazoo

Regenis partnered with Washington State University’s Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources on June 9th for Field Day at the Edaleen Dairy and Honcoop Farm in Whatcom County to show off the latest in anaerobic digestion and nutrient recovery technologies.

While the history between Regenis and WSU goes back over a decade, the partnership has yielded exciting new advances in the last three years including advanced nutrient recovery approaches to improve farm economics by utilizing all post-digestion solids and making strides towards better public health and living watersheds by removing excess nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorous from the dairy waste stream.

Cows and Carbon Credits

California cows, usually known for their laid-back attitude, have been losing their cool lately as on ongoing lawsuit over California’s cap-and-trade program has roiled the carbon auction markets. After several successful sales of carbon allowances, the May 18th auction saw a significant drop in interest, with only about 10 percent of the credits available being sold.

The lawsuit has a direct impact on the ability of California’s legislature and Air Resources Board (CARB) to fund projects—like anaerobic digesters—which successfully reduce carbon emissions. The agency has identified short-lived climate pollutants like methane as key to the state’s strategy to reduce the state’s GHG emissions by 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030 and has targeted methane released from California’s 1.7 million dairy cows as a critical investment.

The legislature adjourned at the end of June after passing its annual budget without having dealt with how or when to divvy up the state’s $2.2 billion Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund. The body will reconvene in Sacramento August for a short session before adjourning for the year. Meanwhile, the next auction for carbon allowances will occur on August 16th

New Opportunities for Clean Energy

In March, Oregon Governor, Kate Brown, signed one of the most far reaching clean energy bills in the nation, requiring utilities in the state to stop generating energy from coal by 2030, while committing the state to get at least 50 percent of its electricity from renewable energy sources by 2040.

Combined with Oregon’s new clean fuels program, SB 1547 could be good news for Oregon biogas producers as the legislation carves out spaces in the energy mix from small scale and rural sources as well as giving digester owners a pathway to the natural gas pipeline. Meanwhile, the legislature also approved funds for a study by the Department of Environmental Quality to demonstrate how a market-based approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions would work in Oregon. The study is due to be presented to the legislature in February.

Regenis On the Road

Like Johnny Cash sang, “we’ve been everywhere, man.” Our travels in search of new ways to clean up water and capture methane in 2016 have been non-stop. Here are just a few:

  • World Ag Expo—Tulare, CA
  • Washington State Lobby Day–Olympia, WA
  • Western United Dairymen Conference—Sonoma, CA
  • Oregon Dairy Industries Conference—Salem, OR
  • Climate Solutions Annual Breakfast—Seattle, WA
  • American Biogas Council Board Meeting—Washington, DC
  • Tillamook Community Digester—Tillamook, OR
  • Biocycle West Coast Conference—SanDiego, CA
  • Choose Whatcom—Bellingham, WA
  • California Biogas Day—Sacramento, CA

If you are interested in having one of our team members speak to your organization about biogas, anaerobic digestion, nutrient recovery, AgTech or sustainable farming practices, contact Michael Grossman at MichaelG@Regenis.net.