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Jon Van Nieuwenhuyzen, Werkhoven Dairy/Qualco Energy

When milk prices plunged in 2008, our family had been running a dairy successfully for 50 years, but we knew we had to come up with other ways to keep running for another 50. About the same time, one of the local tribal members suggested we partner with other local dairies to build the first +Read more

Steve Vander Haak, Vander Haak Dairy

We were considered pioneers when we built the first digester in the state a decade ago, and we’ve partnered with Regenis from the beginning not just because of their technical expertise, but also because their tradition of honesty and integrity. Throughout the last ten years, we’ve viewed them as our partner as we’ve experimented with +Read more

Dan Evans, Promus Energy

Regenis anaerobic digesters are at the center of a quiet revolution that enables us to convert waste management and environmental problems into renewable, revenue-generating products. Using Regenis digesters and manure management tools, we can turn dairy waste into commercially profitable renewable natural gas (RNG) for growing fleets of natural gas vehicles, bio-fertilizers, a fibrous soil +Read more