A Hog For Waste
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Swine Farm Digesters

From Pigsty to Clean Skies

Pigpens are great waste makers, but what if they could become money makers too? The rugged, DVO, Inc. designed and Regenis built Two-Stage Plug Flow Digester™ can not only help turn your waste stream into a revenue stream, but it can help your farm be on the cutting edge of sustainability while meeting the high environmental standards required by today‚Äôs governments and conscious consumers.

Left untreated, methane (a harmful greenhouse gas) from decaying organic waste would be released into the atmosphere. Instead, we pipe that waste into our digester, which captures the methane as biogas, and converts into clean electricity that can be used to power the farm or to be sold to the local utility for a profit.

"Our 100% American-made digesters produce more biogas for clean electricity than any other system in the market."

The separator then removes the remaining liquids from solids, leaving behind virtually odor and bacteria free fertilizer.

From the liquid, phosphorous and nitrogen can be extracted to use on crops or sold as fossil-free, PH balanced bio-fertilizers for soil. The remaining liquid now meets high environmental standards and can be reused on the farm in any number of ways, creating a virtually waste-free, closed loop system.

Watch the video to the right to learn more, and contact us so we can show you how to reimagine your reusable resources.

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"Digesters are a great source of renewable energy for our customers, and we're enjoying our work with Regenis to meet our customers' demand for a smaller environmental footprint."
Tom MacLean -
Manager, Customer Renewable Energy Programs, Puget Sound Energy

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