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Poultry Farm Digesters

Encase and Baste To Remove Harmful Waste

A chicken won’t cross the road to do its business, which is why you need a Regenis custom built, operated and maintained manure digester.

Regenis builds, maintains and operates biodigesters in a variety of footprints so you can manage your chicken manure and turn your waste stream into a revenue stream.

Regenis Digesters

Biodigester Revenue Streams/Cost Reductions

  • Biogas from captured methane emissions can run an on-farm electric generator and reduce your electricity costs.
  • Farms can sell biogas from captured methane emissions to the local utility for a profit.
  • Biogas from captured methane emissions can be cleaned and injected into natural gas pipelines as renewable natural gas (RNG) and sold as renewable energy credits.
  • Solids (digestate) left behind after the digestion process are free of pathogens and bacteria like e-Coli, so they can be used for clean animal bedding or sold as a peat moss replacement.
  • Digestate rich in organic nutrients like phosphorous and nitrogen can be used on-farm for crops or sold at a profit as bio-fertilizers.
  • Separated solids and liquids mean a reduction in "tipping fees" due to less volume.
  • Manure from other animal farms can be imported and treated for fees.
  • Concentrated digestate means a more precise nutrient application to farm fields, better soil health and reduces the chances of phosphorous or nitrogen runoff into local watersheds.
No two chicken farms are precisely alike. That's why Regenis offers multiple agricultural waste management solutions for capturing methane, treating odors and bacteria, separating solids, managing soil nutrients and cleaning water.

Learn more about how Regenis' manure digesters take in chicken waste and help you manage your farm more sustainably while creating new sources of revenue. (link to anaerobic digester overview page)

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"Since we turned on the switch, it's been operating every day and generates $25,000 per month just from the clean electricity we sell back to our local utility."
Jon Van Nieuwenhuyzen -
Werkhoven Dairy/Qualco Energy

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