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Municipal Waste Digesters

Conserve Water and Tax Dollars

As our population grows, even cities with a steadfast commitment to sustainability struggle to limit the growth of landfills and lessen the community footprint on local ecosystems. Like your community, stewardship is at the core of our company, which is why we build rugged and efficient American-made digesters to take in food and green waste and churn out clean energy and compost.

Inside our American designed and built digester, organic waste is heated and broken down anaerobically by bacteria, capturing methane (a harmful greenhouse gas) and converting it into clean electricity that can be used to power a farm or be sold to the local utility for a profit. Simultaneously, pathogens are killed off by the heat generated from the system, leaving behind streams of economic opportunities.

"Our 100% American-made digesters produce more biogas for clean electricity than any other system in the market."

By separating the remaining liquid from solids, a rich bacteria and odor-free compost can be created, ready for selling to local gardens and farms or used to prevent erosion from construction sites and roads. Meanwhile, the virtually pathogen-free liquid can be added to the compost rows or piped to nearby farms to be used on crops.

Finally, the cutting edge nutrient recovery system we helped create removes phosphorous and nitrogen from the liquid, making it possible to send it back to the wastewater treatment plant without harming local watersheds.

This closed loop system aligns cities needing to stretch budget dollars further with taxpayers concerned about ever-increasing tipping fees and environmentally conscious residents who want to pass a rich local heritage down to future generations.

Watch the video to the right to learn more, and contact us so we can show you how to reimagine your reusable resources.

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"Regenis is a great construction partner because of their unwavering commitment to values like honesty, integrity and reliability."
Marty Tolle -
Big Sky Dairy

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