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Industrial Food Waste Digesters

Recycle Food Waste Into Revenue

All living things digest food naturally, using the nutrients to sustain itself and separating out the waste to discard. At Regenis, we’ve taken the life cycle one step further, allowing food processors to use what they discard to create an entirely new cycle of life to help us sustain our planet.

Inside our American designed and built digester, organic waste is heated and broken down anaerobically by bacteria, capturing methane (a harmful greenhouse gas) and converting it into clean electricity that can be used to power a farm or be sold to the local utility for a profit. Simultaneously, pathogens are killed off by the heat generated from the system, leaving behind streams of economic opportunities.

Every food processor has different needs. That's why Regenis offers multiple solutions for your industrial food waste. From building, operating and maintaining different food waste digester designs to recycling your waste stream into clean water for factory use, Regenis offers an entire line of food waste management solutions.

Solids are now virtually odor and bacteria-free and can now be sold as compost to grow new crops while the cleaner remaining effluent can be piped to nearby farms and sprayed on crops to help increase yields.

Our closed loop system meets high environmental standards while making a statement to ecologically conscious consumers who share their commitment to a sustainable planet.

Watch the video to the right to see how our anaerobic digesters convert food waste to energy and contact us so we can show you how to reimagine your reusable resources.

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"We almost went with another company to build our digester, but called Regenis at the last minute. We're glad we did not only because they built a digester that helped us increase our revenue streams, but because they've stood behind their work, making sure we get the maximum returns from the system."
Scott Engels -
Edaleen Dairy

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