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Dairy Farm Digesters

Generating Biogas From Dairy Waste

Making milk makes a mess for dairy farms. Whether it’s air emissions, odors, solid waste or effluent, dairies need better ways to manage manure from farm animals and handle these environmental compliance costs economically.

Regenis has multiple solutions to manage your agricultural waste sustainably and even create new sources of revenue to help offset these costs.

Regenis builds and operates dairy digesters to meet the unique manure management needs for farms of all herd sizes to help them beef up their farm revenues.

Regenis Digesters

Dairy Digester Revenue Streams/Cost Reductions

  • Dairy biogas can run an on-farm electric generator
  • Dairy biogas can be sold to the local utility for a profit
  • Dairy biogas can be cleaned and injected into natural gas pipelines as renewable natural gas (RNG) and sold as renewable energy credits
  • Dairy manure digester kills pathogens and bacteria like e-Coli, leaving behind solids that can be used for clean cow bedding or sold as a peat moss replacement
  • Post-manure dairy digester solids (digestate) are rich in organic nutrients like phosphorous and nitrogen, which can be used on-farm for crops or sold at a profit as bio-fertilizers
  • Separation of solids and liquids in dairy digester process means reducing “tipping fees” due to less volume
  • Manure from other dairies can be imported and treated for fees
  • Using digestate allows for more precise nutrient application to farm fields, better soil health and reduces the chances of phosphorous or nitrogen runoff into local watersheds.

Learn more about how manure digesters take in cow waste and help you manage your dairy more sustainably while creating new sources of revenue.

Regenis dairy digesters have received multiple awards from the American Biogas Council for their durability and uptime.

Watch the video to the right to learn more, and contact us so we can show you how to reimagine your reusable resources.

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"Not only did we get a great American-designed digester with Regenis, but we also inherited a partner whose integrity is a solid as their building skills."
Mitch Moorlag
Edaleen Dairy

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