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Dairy Farm Digesters

Closing the Loop on Environmental Compliance

Making milk makes a mess for dairy farms from air emissions, odors, solid waste and effluent. Because environmentally responsible disposal is a costly proposition, dairies are turning to the rugged, DVO, Inc. designed and Regenis built Two-Stage Plug Flow Digester™.

Not only can our 100% American made digesters help dairy farms meet high environmental compliance standards, but also use dairy waste to beef up farm revenues.

Regenis built the largest single dairy digester in the world.

Left untreated, methane (a harmful greenhouse gas) from decaying organic waste would be released into the atmosphere. Instead, we pipe that waste into our digester, which captures the methane as biogas, and converts into clean electricity that can be used to power the farm or to be sold to the local utility for a profit.

The system then separates the remaining liquids from solids, which can now be used as clean bedding for cows or sold as a nutrient rich peat moss.

Phosphorous and nitrogen can also be removed and used on crops as fossil-free, PH balanced bio-fertilizers for soil or sold. The remaining liquid now meets high environmental standards and can be reused on the farm in any number of ways, creating a virtually waste-free, closed loop system.

Watch the video to the right to learn more, and contact us so we can show you how to reimagine your reusable resources.

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"Not only did we get a great American-designed digester with Regenis, but we also inherited a partner whose integrity is a solid as their building skills."
Mitch Moorlag -
Edaleen Dairy

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