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Anaerobic Digester
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Anaerobic Digester
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Anaerobic Digesters Overview

Capture Methane, Kill Bacteria, Generate Clean Energy & Revenue

What if waste was history: something we told our grandkids about like the horse and buggy? At Regenis, it's our mission to reimagine reusable resources for farmers across America and turn waste into an old wives tale.

Anaerobic digesters create a life cycle of reuse for family farms, striving to maximize their resources and putting their best ecological foot forward.

We understand every farm is unique, which is why we construct biogas digesters to fit your farm's need and herd size. Our digesters have won multiple awards for their uptime because they meet our high standards for ruggedness and longevity.

Regenis builds and operates two different types of digesters to meet your manure management needs and increase farm revenues.

Complete Mix Manure Digester

Mixed Plug Flow Anaerobic Digester

Two-Stage Plug Flow Manure Digester

Generating Revenue With Biogas Digesters

  • Biogas from an anaerobic digester can run a generator to meet on-farm energy and eliminate utility bills.
  • Biogas can be sold to the local utility at a profit
  • Biogas can be, injected into natural gas pipelines and used as a cleaner burning CNG for transportation fuel.
  • Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) can also be monetized as a low carbon fuel credit--similar to stocks in a publicly traded carbon marketplace--and sold to commercial or individual users trying to compensate for their environmental impact.
  • Dry solids from a digester can be used as pathogen-free clean cow bedding or as a peat moss replacement.

Environmental Benefits Of Biogas Digesters

New revenue streams and reduced electric bills aren't the only benefits of anaerobic digesters. Complying with environmental regulations can be just as important.

Our zero waste anaerobic digester projects produce cleaner, nutrient-rich water for crop irrigation while limiting damage to local watersheds that could occur from accidental spills.

Our virtuous cycle leaves nothing to waste, creating value for our clients while putting them on the cutting edge of sustainability.

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