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Anaerobic Digester Overview

Capture Methane, Create Energy and Conserve Water

What if waste was history: something we told our grandkids about like the horse and buggy? At Regenis, it's our mission to reimagine reusable resources for agricultural and industrial users and turn waste into an old wives tale.

We've partnered with DVO, Inc. in the Western United States to build their patented, Two-Stage Mixed Plug Flow™ anaerobic digester to create a life cycle of reuse for family farms, industrial food processors and cities striving to maximize their resources and put their best ecological foot forward.

Because of the unique design of this American-made digester, we are able to capture more methane (an extremely potent greenhouse gas) than any other system, which we convert into biogas. This clean source of energy can be used to create ample electricity to run the entire system.

"Our anaerobic digesters generate more clean biogas than any other system."

The remaining clean energy can be used to power the farm or plant or sold to the local utility as a revenue source, reducing the carbon footprint of the entire community. Because digesters significantly reduce emissions, those reductions can generate value as carbon credits - which are similar to stocks in a publicly traded carbon marketplace--and sold to commercial or individual users trying to compensate for their own environmental impact.

Our technology also makes it possible to turn digester biogas into renewable natural gas, which can be sold as a much cleaner alternative to power truck fleets and cars. Learn about our dairy farm digesters, municipal wastewater and food waste digesters.

New revenue streams and reduced electric bills aren't the only benefits of digesters-complying with environmental regulations can be just as important.

For decades, farmers and industrial users have sought new ways to responsibly limit air and water pollutants, while municipalities have struggled with increased waste hauling fees and the potential costs of new landfills. Our zero waste digester tackles all of these problems.

The digestion process treats organic waste streams to remove pathogens like e-coli, odors and produce a cleaner, nutrient-rich water for crop irrigation while limiting damage to local watersheds that could occur from accidental spills.

"Regenis digesters kill off the greatest amount of bacteria and pathogens, resulting in cleaner water for reuse."

Regenis is constantly researching with its partners at DVO, Inc. and Washington State University to create new uses and revenue streams for effluent like our nutrient recovery system that recovers nitrogen and phosphorus bio-fertilizers that can be sold or applied to crops as a more PH balanced water source, thereby increasing crop yields while reducing the need to purchase fossil fuel based fertilizers. Through this process, water is now even clean enough to be reused on farms or for industrial processing, and we're working towards the day when our system will yield water clean enough for humans to drink.

Our virtuous cycle leaves nothing to waste, creating a cycle of value for our clients while putting them on the cutting edge of sustainability.

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"Over the last 12 years, Regenis is the only company we've entrusted to build our digester design because they've been true to their word and their handshake still means something."
Steve Dvorak, CEO -

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