Two Generations Leading The Way Towards Sustainable Farming

At Regenis, we've evolved over 40 years, but our values have remained constant-an unwavering commitment to honesty, integrity, reliability, and service to our customers, partners, and employees.

In 2002, a local dairy farmer was considering relatively new technology to capture methane from cow manure and turn it into biogas for electricity to send to the power grid.

Andgar co-owners, Andy Mellema and Gary Van Loo, took the idea back to their team, challenging them to use their decades of construction expertise to bring the project to reality.

The concept of turning farm economics on its head and being able to live their values of stewardship for the planet excited Andy and Gary so much, they went back to the farmer with the designs, diagrams, and cost estimates, and then they did something very unusual for most companies-they invested their own money in the project.

FPE Renewables became the first dairy digester built in Washington State, and it's been an enormous success. It recently received an award from the American Biogas Council for its historic 13-year runtime.

No two farms are exactly alike, so why should they be subject to one-size fits all manure management systems?

Since then, Andgar completed another 11 dairy digester projects in Washington, California, Oregon and Idaho, making us one of the most successful builders and operators of manure digesters in North America.

Now retired from the company, Andy and Gary handed off Regenis to a new generation of leadership with the commitment to those same values and ready to lead the company over new horizons by expanding our manure management offerings beyond our biogas generators to include recovering organic nutrients by processing post-digestion fine solids and converting waste streams into clean water.

Whether your goal is preventing phosphorous and nitrogen runoff, efficient on-farm water management or running a more profitable and sustainable farm, Regenis has a digestible solution that's right for you.

Regenis symbolizes both the rebirth of our planet's reusable organic resources and the new leadership propelling the company with a continued ethic to leave our land better for the next generation.
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Todd Kunzman


Todd has served as General Manager of the Andgar Corporation for the last seven years, during which time the company built 11 anaerobic digesters. Prior to his arrival at Andgar, Todd spent 17 years as a Director of Operations and Plant Manager for manufacturing and timber companies. Originally from Oregon, Todd received B.S degrees in Decision Science and Management from the University of Oregon. When not at the office or on the job site, Todd spends time with his family, cheering them on in all their activities and enjoying the outdoors in any way possible.
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Bryan VanLoo

Vice President

Over the last 22 years, Bryan has served the Andgar Corporation in various management roles, including as a frequent public speaker at industry conferences and trade shows about the mechanics and benefits of digester technology. He takes great pride in being part of the team that developed the first dairy anaerobic digester in the state of Washington. Today, his focus is the design, marketing, sales, and project management of the company's renewable energy projects. When he's not immersed in his passion for building, Bryan, his wife, Tressa, a speech therapist, and their three children are active in their church, sports and outdoor activities.
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Kyle Juergens

Director of Operations & Administration

Farming is in Kyle's blood. He grew up on a dairy farm in Western Washington and received a B.S. in Agricultural Technology from Washington State University with minors in Agricultural Economics and Business. Kyle joined Andgar in 2003 shortly after finishing school, starting out as a project coordinator for the company's HVAC and plumbing divisions but moving to the company's renewable energy division within two years. Having worked on 11 digester projects since 2005, he's been involved in multiple roles from writing federal grant applications, acquiring building and air quality permits with state and local agencies, coordinating with utilities as well as project estimating and management. Away from work Kyle spends his time volunteering at his church, being outdoors, spending time with his wife and two daughters, or watching college football.
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Eric Powell

Business Development Director

Originally hired by the Andgar Corporation as a project coordinator five years ago, Eric is often the face of Regenis as a guest speaker about the anaerobic digestion and nutrient recovery processes at agricultural conferences and events throughout the Pacific Northwest as well as being one of our managers of new construction projects. He brings a diverse skill set to the company, including six years of commercial and residential construction service as well as a year working in the banking industry as a loan processor and loan officer. A Northwest native, Eric earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration from Western Washington University. When he's not working, Eric enjoys doing anything outdoors and active including hunting, fishing, and mountain biking with his wife, Kristen, and their two daughters. Eric also volunteers his time as a board member for the Northwest Washington Fellowship of Christian Athletes.
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Dr. Craig Frear

Director of Research and Technology

Dr. Frear comes to Regenis from Washington State University (WSU) where he was instrumental in developing one of the nation's most prolific applied science and engineering programs over the last decade in organic residuals and animal manure treatment for sustainable reuse. Over the last decade, Dr. Frear's research has focused on enhancements to anaerobic digestion, biochemical recovery from waste and development of bio-refinery principles for rural and urban communities. He holds five patents (with two pending) including an ammonia stripping system to remove ammonia from wastewater without the use of chemicals.

In addition to his research, Dr. Frear is the author of over sixty peer-reviewed publications on methane capture to create biogas and nutrient management to allow liquid from manure to be safely reused. He has also served as an investigator on numerous federal and state grants in the same scientific classifications.

Craig holds a PhD in Engineering Science from Washington State University, a MA in Educational Administration from Columbia University, and BA in Chemistry and Theology from St. Olaf College. Outside of work, Craig enjoys reading science fiction, playing tennis, and spending time with family and friends.
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Andy Hanson

Operations & Maintenance Regional Mgr.

Andy is no stranger to the dairy industry, having grown up on a dairy farm in Western Washington and working three years for a dairy supplier. After furthering his training, he became certified to work on refrigeration equipment and an electrician, owning his own company for 12 years before being recruited by Andgar. For the last two years, Andy and his team have been servicing nine digesters in Washington and Oregon, ensuring they are running in peak condition and providing their owners with greater reliability in their output of biogas and maximum engine runtime. Married for 11 years with three young boys to keep him busy, Andy loves living in Lynden and hopes his boys inherit his passion for spending time outdoors hunting, fishing and riding the family's horses in the hills that surround their acreage.
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Todd Andrew

Operations & Maintenance Technician

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Andy Cook

Operations & Maintenance Technician

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Cory Vanderhage

Operations & Maintenance Technician

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Mark Vanderhage

Operations & Maintenance Technician

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